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Restaurants: Lunch in America

“Lunch in America” defined generally means: unhealthy fast food eaten rather quickly by passengers and drivers of motor vehicles.

BURGERS: Fast Food places, beginning with McDonalds, started popping up in the 1960s. While McDonalds has continued to hold their lead and maintains fairly good quality control, Burger King, once a competitor, lost their oversight and the place took a dive. Wendy’s, another chain that had a good run, recently snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. If I find myself in of these places, I look at their burgers, and wonder where the beef came from.

FRIES: French Fries, the universal staple in all fast food places, is undoubtedly the greatest single contributor to obesity in America. There is just nothing at all healthy about dipping potatoes into hot grease and then adding loads of salt.

CHICKEN: Although breaded deep-fried chicken is unhealthy and is also helping fatten up the American public, the menu at KFC has always been a tasty winner, and I have to admit I like it.

PIZZA BY SLICE: Pizza by the slice is now part of the fast food madness. Now sold in gas stations, they use more and more bread to fill up and fatten an already obese America. While there is nothing worse than a frozen grocery store pizza, the pre-cooked slices warmed up and sold in filling stations run a close second.

SUB SANDWICHES: The sub is a later-day lunchtime invention. These sandwiches can be cool and refreshing, if they are done right. Subs should never be made with day-old, dry, or too much bread. The bun has to be soft and tasty. I just like tasty buns. Cousins Subs got it right when they said: it’s all about the bread. Ham and cheese with onion, lettuce and tomatoes is probably my favorite. The quality of a hot Philly cheese-steak depends on the cook. Quiznos came up with a reliable formula, and Firehouse has a tasty “hook and ladder.” I won’t go to Subway, where the pressure is on as you walk in the door to make your own food. If I knew how to cook, I wouldn’t go out in the first place.