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Recall Walker Stalling Vote a New Reason

Gov. Scott Walker has a sworn constitutional duty to faithfully carry out the laws of Wisconsin, and now that over 1,000,000 signatures have been submitted triggering a recall regarding his term in office, far beyond the 540,208 required, he must push forward and conduct an election, and stop stalling by engaging in an absurd examination of each and every petition signature, as if they are somehow going to find 459,792 fictitious names.

If the number of signatures was only 1% greater than the number required, or in other words only 5,400 above the 540,208 required, then a canvassing of each and every signature could be justified, since 545,608 would be within a 1% margin of error, and there could be a chance of knocking out enough names to defeat a recall. Here, there is not even an extremely remote possibility of finding enough invalid signatures, and it is obvious to any election observer that the examination of all these names is a complete and total waste of time, effort, and expense.

Every intelligent politician knows when to throw in the towel as to vote-counting. In normal elections, the difference in votes between two candidates, needed to trigger a recount, various from state to state, but in most jurisdictions it is less than 1%. Legislators set recount thresholds this low, because they know a change in outcome is statistically improbable, if not impossible, where the winner’s vote exceeds the loser’s tally by 1% or more.

So let’s stop wasting time on going through the petition signatures with a fine tooth comb, as the Governor knows, or should know, he is not going to find more than perhaps 1,000 bad signatures, let alone 459,792. The governor’s failure to push forward with a recall now, when far more than enough Wisconsinites have lawfully spoken, only gives us one more reason to recall Walker.