NCAA: New Div I “Pacific-64”

Appendix A for article: “NCAA Needs 5 Leagues of 64 Teams Each,” posted on March 1, 2012 at The new Div. I “Pac-64” would have six sub-conferences:

(Enrollment, Name, City, Current Conference)

PAC-10 FLAGSHIPS (10 teams/10 states)
47,000–Washington–Seattle (Pac-12)
23,000–Oregon–Eugene (Pac-12)
35,000–California–Berkeley (Pac-12)
38,000–Arizona–Tucson (Pac-12)
30,000–Colorado–Boulder (Pac-12)
30,000–Utah–Salt Lake (Pac-12)
34,000–New Mexico-Albuquerque (Mt-W)
17,600–Nevada–Reno (W-A)
15,035–Montana–Missoula (B-Sky)
12,000–Idaho–Moscow (W-A)

PAC-10 FORTRESSES (10 teams/10 states)
26,087–Washington St.–Pullman (Pac-12)
23,000–Oregon St.–Corvallis (Pac-12)
39,000–UCLA–Los Angeles (Pac-12)
70,000–Arizona St.–Tempe (Pac-12)
24,800–Colorado St.–Ft. Collins (Mt-W)
25,228–Utah St.–Logan (W-A)
17,831–New Mexico St.–Las Cruces (W-A)
29,000–Nevada–Las Vegas (Mt-W)
14,542–Montana St.–Bozeman (B-Sky)
13,628–Idaho St.–Pocatello (B-Sky)

MISSION WEST (10 private schools/5 states)
19,000–Stanford–Santa Clara (Pac-12)
36,120–USC–Los Angeles (Pac-12)
10,600–Southern Methodist-Dallas (Big-E)
14,886–Baylor–Waco, Texas (Big-12)
9,142–Texas Christian–Ft. Worth (Big-12)
11,800–U of Denver (Sun-Belt)
29,919–Brigham Young–Provo (WCC)
8,722–U. of San Francisco (WCC)
8,972–Loyola-Los Angeles (WCC)
25,000–Grand Canyon–Phoenix (Pac-W-II)

MOUNTAIN WEST (10 teams/7 states)
21,290–Boise St., Idaho (W-A)
25,000–Fresno St., CA (W-A)
12,496–Wyoming–Laramie (Mt-West)
12,000–N. Colorado–Greely (B-Sky)
18,847–N. Arizona–Flagstaff (B-Sky)
23,813–Weber St.–Ogden, UT (B-Sky)
32,000–Texas Tech–Lubbock (Big-12)
17,860–Texas–El Paso (USA)
32,670–Utah Valley–Orem, UT (Gt. West)
24,000–Metropolitan St.–Denver (R-Mt-II)

MARINER WEST (10 teams/4 states)
13,042–West Wash.–Bellingham (GtNW-II)
10,145–Central Wash (GtNW-II)
10,700–Eastern Wash–Cheney (B-Sky)
24,000–Portland St.–Oregon (B-Sky)
32,000–San Jose St. (W-A)
27,000–Sacramento St. (B-W)
37,000–Long Beach St. (B-W)
36,449–Fullerton St. (B-W)
33,700–San Diego St. (B-W)
20,230–Calf–San Diego (Cal-II)

GOLDEN WEST (14 California teams/1 state)
Golden Bears (7 teams/1 state)
19,406–Cal Poly–San Louis Obispo (B-W)
20,669–Calf–Santa Barbara (B-W)
36,000–Cal State–Northridge (B-W)
27,396–Calf–Irvine (B-W)
20,120–Calf–Riverside (B-W)
31,190–Calf–Davis (B-W)
10,242–Cal–Santa Cruz (Ind.-III)
Golden Nuggets (7 teams/1 state)
24,000–San Francisco St. (Cal-II)
17,000–Cal. State–Chico (Cal-II)
13,000–Cal. State E. Bay–Hayward (Cal-II)
21,000–Cal State–Los Angeles (Cal-II)
20,080–Cal State Poly–Pomona (Cal-II)
12,000–Cal State–Dominquez Hills (Cal-II)
17,000–Cal State–San Bernardino (Cal-II)

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