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NCAA Div II: Five 64-Team Leagues

Should the NCAA have divisions? Should every school from 400 students up to 40,000 just play each other? Most would agree we need divisions, and the only logical way to divide them is through enrollment numbers.

My NCAA plan is as follows: 1) Div I would take the largest 320, with over 9,194 students each; 2) Div II would have the following 320, with enrollments between 3,107 and 9,194; 3) Div. III would use the next 320, ranging from 1,000 to 3,107; and 4) Div IV would be created for the remaining 112 teams, with less than 1,000 to 1,500, depending on the geographic region.

Divisions I, II, and III would each be further divided into five leagues of 64 teams each. The new Div II leagues would be known as the: 1) Western-64; 2) Northern-64; 3) Southern-64; 4) Eastern States-64; and 5) North Atlantic-64.

As in Div I, the five 64-member leagues would be particularly useful in determining post-season invitations to a Div II March Madness tourney, as each area would have exactly 64 squads, and could hold three pre-March tournaments in Nov., Dec., and Jan.

The newly reconstructed division would start with 128 teams currently in Div II. They would then accept 90 squads, with enrollments of only 3,107 to 9,194, now in Div I, and would complete the picture with 102 Div III colleges, each with at least 3,107 students.

Why do we currently have 90 schools in Div I that have only 3,107 to 9,194 students? The following are just some examples of those that don’t belong in Div I. There are many more.

Enrollment, school, state, current conference)
3,100–Houston Baptist, Texas (Gt-W)
3,200–U of Portland, Oregon (WCC)
3,224–Charleston Southern, SC (BS-I)
3,417–Oral Roberts, Tulsa, Oklahoma (Sum)
3,603–High Point, North Carolina (BS-I)

It’s time all divisions were realigned, using enrollment as the sole criterion. No other method would be fair or reasonable.

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