NCAA New Div II “Southern-64”

Appendix C for article: “NCAA Div II Needs Five 64-Team Leagues,” posted 3-7-12 at The new “Southern-64” would have six sub-conferences:

(Enrollment, Name, City, Current Conference)

SOUTHERN PRIVATE-MAJORS (13 private now Div I)
Northern Division (6 teams/3 states)
5,916–Elon, North Carolina (SO-I)
5,402–Hampton, Virginia (Mid-E-I)
4,249–Richmond, Virginia (Atl.-10-I)
4,000–Gardner-Webb, North Carolina (BS-I)
3,603–High Point, North Carolina (BS-I)
3,500–Loyola, Maryland (M-At-I)
Southern Division (7 teams/5 states)
8,200–Mercer, Macon, Georgia (A-Sun-I)
7,426–Jacksonville, Florida (PioF-I/A-Sun-I)
5,800–Belmont, Tennessee (A-Sun-I/O-V)
4,758–Samford, Alabama (SO-I)
3,614–Bethune-Cookman, Florida (Mid-E-I)
3,224–Charleston Southern, SC (BS-I)
3,121–Furman, South Carolina (SO-I)

SOUTHERN PRIVATES (15 private schools now Div II)
Southern Division (8 teams/7 states)
6,810–Harding, Arkansas (G-Am-II)
5,510–Catholic, Wash. DC (LD-M-III)
4,186–Union, Tennessee (G-S-II)
4,162–Mississippi College (AmSW-III)
3,824–Notre Dame, Maryland (Col-St-III)
3,684–Marymount, Virginia (Cap-A-III)
3,300–Limestone, South Carolina (C-Car-II)
3,134–Bellarmine, Kentucky (GLV-II)
Florida–Georgia Division (7 teams/2 states)
7,626–Florida Tech (Sun-S-II)
4,660–Lynn, Florida (Sun-S-II)
4,320–Rollins, Florida (Sun-S-II)
4,000–Clark, Atlanta, Georgia (S-I-II)
3,584–Eckerd, Florida (Sun-S-II)
3,500–Shorter, Georgia (G-S-II)
3,488–Florida Southern (Sun-S-II)

SOUTHEAST STATES (8 public teams in Div I)
8,360–Coastal Carolina, South Carolina (BS-I)
6,292–Winthrop State, South Carolina (BS-I)
5,810–Tennessee-Martin, TN (O-V)
4,538–South Carolina State (Mid-E-I)
4,500–South Carolina Upstate (A-Sun-I)
3,897–North Carolina-Asheville (BS-I)
3,820–Savannah State, Georgia (Mid-E-I)
3,390–Citadel State, South Carolina (SO-I)

PEACH STATES (11 public teams Div II)
8,597–Columbus State, Georgia (P-B-II)
6,728–Armstrong Atlantic State, GA (P-B-II)
6,212–Clayton State, Georgia (P-B-II)
6,041–Georgia College State (P-B-II)
6,000–Augusta State, Georgia (P-B-II)
5,827–North Carolina–Pembroke (P-B-II)
4,500–North Georgia College State (P-B-II)
4,500–Ft. Valley State, Georgia (S-I-II)
4,176–Albany State, Georgia (S-I-II)
4,008–Francis Marion State, SC (P-B-II)
3,280–South Carolina-Aiken (P-B-II)

SOUTHWEST STATES (9 public now in Div I)
8,300–Jackson State, Mississippi (SWA-I)
7,500–Nicholls State, Louisiana (S-LD)
7,300–Southern State, Louisiana (SWA-I)
7,194–Troy State, Alabama (Sun-B)
6,900–Grambling State, Louisiana (SWA-I)
6,000–Alabama A & M (SWA-I)
6,000–Alabama State (SWA-I)
3,200–Arkansas-Pine Bluff (SWA-I)
3,200–Alcorn State, Mississippi (SWA-I)

GULF STATES (8 public teams now in Div II)
7,500–Alabama-Huntsville (G-S-II)
7,244–North Alabama (G-S-II)
7,000–Arkansas-Ft. Smith (H-LD-II)
5,157–West Alabama (G-S-II)
4,392–Delta State, Mississippi (G-S-II)
3,584–Henderson State, Arkansas (G-Am-II)
3,400–Arkansas-Monticello (G-Am-II)
3,224–Southern Arkansas (G-Am-II)

For Div I see: homepage (Categories: NCAA Conferences): 1) NCAA Needs 5 Leagues of 64 Teams Each, (3-1-12); 2) “NCAA: New Div I “Pacific-64” (3-2-12); 3) NCAA: New Div I “Southwest-64” (3-3-12); 4) “NCAA: New Div I “Great Lakes-64” (3-4-12); 5) NCAA: New Div I “Southeast-64” (3-5-12); 6) NCAA: New Div I “Northeast-64” (3-6-12).

For more Div II, see: homepage (Categories: NCAA Conferences): 1) NCAA Div II Needs Five 64-Team Leagues (3-7-12); 2) NCAA: New Div II “Western-64” (3-8-12); 3) NCAA: New Div II “Northern-64” (3-9-12).


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