NCAA Div III: Five 64-Team Leagues

Div III of the NCAA currently has 32 overgrown universities, with enrollments of more than 9,000 each, which should be moved into Div I, as well as 102 colleges, with between 3,107 and 9,000 students, which should join a re-designed Div II.

A new Div III should be constructed by corralling 320 small colleges, with enrollments ranging from 1,300 to 3,107, and then carving them up into five 64-member leagues, along geographic lines. In determining size, all full-time undergraduate and graduate students would be counted.

The new Div III leagues would be known as the: 1) Wild West-64; 2) Heartland-64; 3) New South-64; 4) East Coast-64; and 5) New England-64.

The five leagues of 64 each would be particularly useful in determining post-season bids for a Div III March Madness tourney, as each would be able to hold three equally exciting pre-March tournaments in Nov., Dec., and Jan.

The reconfigured Div III would start by keeping 220 teams presently among their ranks. They would then add 79 currently in Div II; 20 in Div I, and 1 from the NAIA, to assemble the 320 squads.

Realigning the divisions based strictly on enrollment is the only fair and reasonable way to do things, and the NCAA should make the necessary rule changes to bring it about.

All of us should ask: Why are there so many small schools in Div I, when they belong in Div III? The following are just some examples:

(Enrollment, College, State, Current Conference)
1,300–Presbyterian, South Carolina (Big-S-I)
1,495–Wolford, South Carolina (Southern-I)
1,500–Virginia Military (Big-S-I)
1,756–Davidson, North Carolina (Southern-I)
2,200–Stetson, Florida (Atlantic Sun-I)
2,275–Wagner, New York City (NE-I)
2,373–Mt. St. Mary’s, Maryland (NE-I)
2,382–La Fayette, Pennsylvania (Patriot-I)
2,406–St. Bonaventure, New York (Atl.-10-I)
2,500–Mississippi Valley State (SWA-I)
2,618–St. Francis, Pennsylvania (NE-I)
2,817–Holy Cross, Massachusetts (Patriot-I)
2,837–Colgate, New York (Patriot-I)
2,953–St. Francis College, New York (NE-I)
3,000–Siena, New York (Metro Atlantic-I)
3,000–Lipscomb, Tennessee (Atlantic Sun-I)
3,050–Evansville, Indiana (MO-V)

Over the next five days, the specific teams re-assigned to each of the five newly created Div III 64-member leagues will be posted here at:

For Div I, see: homepage (Categories: NCAA Conferences): 1) NCAA Needs 5 Leagues of 64 Teams Each, (3-1-12); 2) “NCAA: New Div I “Pacific-64” League (3-2-12); 3) NCAA: New Div I “Southwest-64” League (3-3-12); 4) “NCAA: New Div I “Great Lakes-64” League (3-4-12); 5) NCAA: New Div I “Southeast-64” League (3-5-12); 6) NCAA: New Div I “Northeast-64” League (3-6-12).

For Div II, see: homepage (Categories: NCAA Conferences): 1) NCAA Div II Needs Five 64-Team Leagues (3-7-12); 2) NCAA: New Div II “Western-64” (3-8-12); 3) NCAA: New Div II “Northern-64” (3-9-12); 4) NCAA New Div II “Southern-64” (3-10-12); 5) NCAA New Div II “Eastern States-64” (3-11-12); 6) NCAA New Div II “North Atlantic-64” (3-12-12).

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