NCAA New Div III “Heartland-64”

Appendix B for article: “NCAA Div III Needs Five 64-Team Leagues,” posted on March 13, 2012 at The new Div. III “Heartland-64” would have six sub-conferences:

(Enrollment, Name, City, Current Conference)

2,513–Augustana, Illinois (CCIW-III) vc
2,282–Wheaton , Illinois (CCIW-III) hc
2,169–Milwaukee School of Eng (NAC-III)
2,167–North Central, Illinois (CCIW-III) vc
2,113–Illinois Wesleyan (CCIW-III) hc
1,415–Lawrence, Wisconsin (Mid-W-III) hc
1,355–Knox, Illinois (Mid-W-III) hc
1,342–Lake Forest, Illinois (Mid-W-III) vc
1,288–Beloit, Wisconsin (Mid-W-III) hc
1,036–Ripon, Wisconsin (Mid-W-III) vc

3,050–Evansville, Indiana (MO-V) vc
2,350–DePauw, Indiana (NCA-III) hc
1,970–Rose-Hulman Tech, IN (H-LD-III) hc
1,970–Albion, Michigan (MI-III) vc
1,400–St. Mary’s Indiana (MI-III)
1,340–Kalamazoo, Michigan (MI-III) hc
1,326–Hillsdale, Michigan (GtLI-II) vc
1,300–Alma, Michigan (MI-III) vc
1,194–Earlham, Indiana (H-LD-III) vc
1,062–Hanover, Indiana (H-LD-III)

SCHOLARS OF OHIO (10 teams/1 state)
3,050–Wittenberg, Ohio (NCA-III) vc
3,000–Muskingum, Ohio (OAC-III)
2,850–Oberlin, Ohio (NCA-III) mc
2,300–Mt. Union, Alliance Ohio (OAC-III)
2,100–Dennison, Ohio (NCA-III) hc
1,850–Ohio Wesleyan (NCA-III) hc
1,827–Wooster, Ohio (NCA-III) hc
1,640–Kenyon, Ohio (NCA-III) hc
1,395–Hiram, Ohio (NCA-III)
1,350–Marietta, Ohio (OAC-III)

WISCONSIN CONFERENCE (11 teams/1 state)
2,991–Viterbo-La Crosse, Wis. (MCC-NAIA)
2,689–Wisconsin-Superior (WisIAA.-III)
2,493–Carroll, Waukesha, Wis. (Mid-W-III)
2,374–Carthage, Kenosha, Wis. (CCIW-III)
2,019–St. Norbert-DePere, Wis. (Mid-W-III)
1,963–Concordia, Mequon, Wis. (NAC-III)
1,664–Alverno, Milwaukee, Wis. (NAC-III)
1,565–Edgewood-Madison, Wis. (NAC-III)
1,443–Mt. Mary, Milwaukee, Wis. (Ind.-III)
1,383–Marian-Fond du Lac, Wis. (NAC-III)
1,082–Lakeland, Sheboygan, Wis. (NAC-III)

ILLINOIS-INDIANA CONF (11 teams/2 states)
3,065–Anderson, Indiana (H-LD-III)
2,748–Elmhurst, Illinois (CCIW-III)
2,520–Benedictine, Illinois (NAC-III)
2,118–Millikin, Illinois (CCIW-III)
1,814–North Park, Illinois (CCIW-III)
1,650–Trine, Indiana (MI-III)
1,500–St. Joseph’s, Indiana (GLV-II)
1,475–Dominican, Illinois (NAC-III)
1,314–Monmouth, Illinois (Mid-W-III)
1,269–Quincy, Illinois (GLV-II)
1,200–Greenville, Illinois (SLI-III)

OHIO-MICHIGAN CONF (12 private teams/ 2 states)
2,750–Lake Superior St., Michigan (GtLI-II)
2,600–Malone, Ohio (GtLI-II)
2,500–Walsh, Ohio (GtLI-II)
2,259–Mt. St Joseph’s, Ohio (H-LD-III)
2,238–Franciscan, Ohio (A-Mt-III)
2,237–Ohio Dominion (GtLI-II)
1,688–Northwood, Michigan (GtLI-II)
1,666–Wilmington, Ohio (OAC-III)
1,600–Heidelberg, Ohio (OAC-III)
1,505–Urbana, Ohio (G-LK)
1,191–Bluffton, Ohio (H-LD-III)
1,086–Olivet, Michigan (MI-III)

For Div I see: homepage (Categories: NCAA Conferences): 1) NCAA Needs 5 Leagues of 64 Teams Each, (3-1-12); 2) “NCAA: New Div I “Pacific-64” League (3-2-12); 3) NCAA: New Div I “Southwest-64” League (3-3-12); 4) “NCAA: New Div I “Great Lakes-64” League (3-4-12); 5) NCAA: New Div I “Southeast-64” League (3-5-12); 6) NCAA: New Div I “Northeast-64” League (3-6-12).

For Div II see: homepage (Categories: NCAA Conferences): 1) NCAA Div II Needs Five 64-Team Leagues (3-7-12); 2) NCAA: New Div II “Western-64” (3-8-12); 3) NCAA: New Div II “Northern-64” (3-9-12); 4) NCAA New Div II “Southern-64” (3-10-12); 5) NCAA New Div II “Eastern States-64” (3-11-12); 6) NCAA New Div II “North Atlantic-64” (3-12-12).

For more Div III, see homepage (Categories: NCAA Conferences): 1) NCAA Div III Needs Five 64-Team Leagues (3-13-12); 2) NCAA New Div III “Wild West-64” (3-14-12).

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