Give Washington DC Congressional Vote

Although Congress gave the residents of Washington DC the right to vote in Presidential Primaries in 1955, and the 23rd Amendment, ratified in 1961, allows them to vote for President, the problem now is they still have no Senator, or voting member in the House, and do not enjoy the same degree of U.S. Citizenship available to other Americans in the 50 states.

Washington DC came into being, because Art I, Sec. 8 (17) of the Constitution delegated to Congress the power to create a seat for the federal government, which was to be no more than 10 square miles. Virginia and Maryland each donated land for the federal city in 1791, but Virginia took their 31 square miles back in 1847, and what remains is the part that came from Maryland.

One solution is to simply deed the District of Columbia back to Maryland, so those living in the capital can participate in state politics, be represented by U.S. Senators, and be able to select House members, whose standing would be no different than any other.

Another approach is for the District to remain a federal enclave, but to amend the Constitution by granting to the occupants of Washington DC the right to fully participate in Maryland politics, as if the seat of the government was still a part of Maryland.

There is really no good reason for continuing to deny the residents of the District of Columbia the right to vote for U.S. Senators and House members and it is time to make them full and complete U.S. Citizens.


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