Recall Vote: Right to Time Off Work

Regarding the Tues. May 8, 2012 Wisconsin Primary, employers should be reminded that their employees have a legal right to take time off to vote.

Wis. Statute 6.76 (1) provides: “Any person entitled to vote at an election is entitled to be absent from work while the polls are open for a period not to exceed 3 successive hours to vote. The elector shall notify the affected employer before Election Day of the intended absence. The employer may designate the time of day for the absence.

(2) No penalty, other than a deduction for time lost, may be imposed upon an elector by his or her employer by reason of the absence authorized by this section.

Employers should also be reminded, under Wisconsin law that it is illegal to attempt to influence how their employees cast their votes.

“No person shall, by threatening to discharge a person from his or her employment, or threatening to reduce wages of a person, or by promising to give employment at higher wages to a person, attempt to influence a qualified voter, to give, or withhold the voter’s vote at an election.” See Wisconsin Statute 103.18.

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