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Romney’s 47% Comment Was Ignorant

Mitt Romney comment that 47% of the voters pay no income taxes, are dependent on the government, and will vote for President Obama no matter what, is not only misleading and incorrect, it demonstrates a shocking political ignorance, or a deep cynicism by a candidate willing to twist, manipulate, and confuse statistics to his strategic advantage.

But what was even worse was the media’s initial response, as it was seriously challenged, showing little awareness or knowledge of the many inaccuracies contained in Romney’s statement.

There are 308,000 million people in the U.S. including 234,000 adults, and 74 million children.

234 million, 18 years of age or older, can vote, if they register, and are not otherwise disqualified due to a felony status.

Of the 234 million, only 55% or 130 million actually voted for President in 2008. 45%, constituting 104 million Americans, failed to vote.

Of the 55% who voted, 70 million, or 53%, went for Obama, and 60 million, or 47%, chose McCain.

With regards to federal income taxes, 162 million households are occupied by 234 million adults.

86 million households, representing 53%, paid at least some federal income taxes, while 76 million, or 47%, paid none.

Romney was wrong in many ways:

1) Many of the 74 million children in the U.S. are dependent on the government, but they cannot vote, and will not vote for Obama.

2) Many of the 104 million adults who don’t vote, receive government benefits, but they won’t be voting for Obama, because they failed to register, or simply are not interested in politics, and won’t show up on Election Day.

3) Of the 60 million who voted for McCain, a substantial number and probably at least half, paid no income taxes. We know McCain received more than half of the retirees, most of whom pay no income taxes. McCain also got votes from people earning more than $50,000, who were able to reduce their taxable income to zero by using mortgage interest expenses and other deductions.

The probable truth is only 25% of those who receive government benefits voted for Obama, as 25% voted for McCain, and 50% did not vote at all.