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Big Ten: Expand to 20 and Divide by 2

Now that the Big Ten has grown to 14 teams, by adding Maryland and Rutgers, six more should be invited, to expand the conference to 20, so two 10-member divisions could be created.

Iowa State should be recruited to form a 10-team Big Ten-West, which would be a return to the traditional Midwestern alignment.

Big Ten-West (1 private, 9 public schools, 7 states)
24,000–Nebraska–Lincoln (Big-10) (1869)
29,000–Iowa St.–Ames (Big-12) (1858)
30,800–Iowa–Iowa City (Big-10)(1847)
52,000–Minnesota–Minneapolis (Big-10)(1851)
42,000–Wisconsin–Madison (Big-10)(1848)
15,000–Northwestern–Evanston (Big-10)(1851)
41,900–Illinois–Urbana (Big-10)(1867)
42,000–Indiana–Bloomington (Big-10)(1820)
39,000–Purdue–West Lafayette (Big-10)(1869)
41,000–Michigan–Ann Arbor (Big-10)(1817)

The Big Ten-East would start with Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State, Maryland, and Rutgers. They would invite five more eastern teams: Ohio (at Athens), Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, West Virginia and Delaware. The Big Ten-East would be as follows:

Big Ten-East (10 public schools from 7 states)
41,000–Michigan St.–East Lansing (Big-10)(1855)
56,000–Ohio State–Columbus (Big-10)(1870)
44,505–Penn State–Carlisle (Big-10)(1855)
28,993–Rutgers–New Brunswick, NJ (Big-E) (1766)
37,600–Maryland–College Park (ACC) (1807)
20,619–Ohio University–Athens (Mid-A)(1804)
42,421–U of Cincinnati (Big E)(1819)
28,823–U of Pittsburgh (Big-E)(1787)
29,000–West Virginia–Morgantown (Big-E)(1867)
19,499–Delaware–Newark (Col)(1743)