Beilema: Only Chickens Miss Roses

We are living in such a sad time, where there is so much greed, it totally permeates our culture, and there is no longer any refuge where morals remain, including our universities. Greed has infested the minds of college officials to the point, where students are now taught the wrong lesson, as in the case of former UW football coach Bret Beilema, who by his recent actions, has instructed young minds that immorality has no consequence.

What morally-grounded person would win a Big-10 championship game, qualify for the Rose Bowl, and then quit abruptly, leaving his team on a lurch to fend for themselves? What sick mind would value money so much, that he would burn every single bridge behind, as he high-tailed it out of state? It doesn’t matter how many games Beilema won at Wisconsin in the past, from now on, he should be booed.

I once taught part-time at a university, where I was paid the paltry sum of $3,000 to $4,000 for a 16-week class. I was wondering what would have happened if I had just quit in the 14th week, as my students were preparing for their final exam, and they had questions. A descent professor wouldn’t do that to his students.

I also practiced law. I wonder what would have happened if I had worked on a case for about a year, and a few weeks before trial, simply quit, and walked away. Not only would the judge be all over me for unethical behavior, I could have faced discipline.

But Bret Beilema, lives in the immoral world of greed. They have different rules. His world is all about Beilema. I can go to the Southeastern Conference. I can make even more than the obscene amount I’m already overpaid. It’s about me, the great Beilema. How lucky Wisconsin was. Oh, how fortunate Arkansas will be.

Get over yourself Beilema. You were overpaid. You inherited a football program with great recruiting. You dropped the ball at two Rose Bowls, and at many other winnable games. You were a coward afraid to lose a third Rose Bowl, so you quit. Go ahead to Arkansas. You’ll be right at home next to Tysen Foods, the world’s greatest producer of chickens.

One Comment to “Beilema: Only Chickens Miss Roses”

  1. Right on!

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