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Romney is Threat to Public Broadcasting

In the era of Republican Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who terminated public employee collective bargaining rights as soon as he took office, the public must now take seriously every aspect of political party platforms, (routinely ignored in the past), and must actually listen to passing campaign comments, since successful candidates now appear willing to carry them out.

ROMNEY’S PLEDGE: In this new era of extremism, be advised that at a Republican Debate held on Dec. 8, 2011, Gov. Romney promised to eliminate the Public Broadcasting Corporation. His pledge poses a serious threat to democracy, as it would terminate one of our only remaining sources of reliable information.

PBS VALUE: Some of us, who have never received a penny from tax dollars, view Public Broadcasting as the only thing of value ever appropriated by the federal government. While Washington continues to waste billions on military operations overseas, Public TV and Public Radio are continually forced to run bake sales (so to speak), to maintain their relatively modest operations.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? We have to take seriously the right-wing agenda. If like me, you listen to Wisconsin Public Radio, and watch the News Hour, and the BBC, both on Public Broadcasting (PBS), what will you do, and where will you go for reliable information, if a Republican-controlled Congress teams up with Romney to defund the Public Broadcasting Corporation?

RADIO: First of all, radios would go silent, not only in my house and car, but in yours as well. No intelligent person would spend their time listening to right-wing rants from Rush Limbaugh, Don Imus, or other wing nuts on AM radio. Are there any moderates or left-wingers on radio? If they exist, I am sorry I missed them.

NETWORK NEWS: Where would people go on TV for the Evening News, without PBS? I have not tuned into the Nightly News on CBS, NBC, or ABC for over 30 years. Does anyone still watch entertainment news? I know Katie Couric exists, because I heard the empty-headed Sarah Palin complain about her, but I wouldn’t be able to say which network she works for.

When Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer founded the MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour on PBS over 30 years ago, they did so because the corporate networks were broadcasting nothing but superficial entertainment, based almost entirely on film clips. “If it bleeds, it leads,” they would say. Never mind the absence of national or international importance. Burning buildings and action scenes always trumped talking intelligent heads. But we learned nothing from emotional scenes of people expressing anger or sadness. We just wanted plain old Walter Cronkite style talking heads to give us news and information. We wanted people like Ray Suarez, currently on PBS, who is as sharp as a tack.

SUNDAY MORNING: While NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday morning is a hard-hitting objective news report hosted by David Gregory, the ABC alternative anchored by George Stephanophoulos, appears more interested in the Sunday funnies, than serious international coverage of the sort Christiane Amanpour previously provided. I nevertheless watch, even though ABC has long been dominated by the conservative George Will.

FOX: If Romney thinks removing public broadcasting will cause us to turn to the Fox Propaganda Network (FPN), he needs his head examined. Any network with pinheads like Bill O’Reilly, right-wingers like Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter, and certifiable nut jobs like Glen Beck, cannot be serious. The truth is Fox is a partisan network, where the news is not reported accurately. If PBS went away, it would be no alternative for intelligent viewers.

CNN: While CNN is a choice on election nights when political junkies scan back and forth looking for different stories, no one knows for sure if they will be reporting serious news, or fluffy stuff of the sort carried on the networks.  While Fareed Zakaria may host an excellent discussion, as soon as caustic characters like Lou Dobbs appear to just blabber about this or that, the station has to be changed.

AM-MSNBC: I cannot watch “Morning Joe” on MSNBC since it is hosted by Joe Scarborough, a former Republican Congressman, whose daily opinions go unchallenged by his co-host.

PM-MSNBC: While the evening lineup at MSNBC carries quality programming hosted by Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence O’Donnell, they are not news, but rather editorial.

C-SPAN occasionally provides live coverage of current events.

HBO: While Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, and Bill Press would be excellent alternatives for opinion, most viewers never see them, as their shows are apparently on HBO or other premium stations, and not part of the already overpriced ordinary cable.

SOME CONSERVATIVES ARE OK: Responsible media conservatives are fine. The problem is there are not enough of them.  Pat Buchanan has usually been an interesting and respectful guest. The Friday analysis on PBS by conservative columnist David Brooks, pitted against Mark Shields, has always been worth watching. Paul Gigot and George Will also know how to disagree without becoming disagreeable.

President Obama said in a speech on May 19, 2011 legitimate democracy needs an informed citizenry. He was correct. Democracy is not worth much if the public has no reliable source of information. PBS radio and television do a fairly good job and we need more of this sort of broadcasting, not less.

Romney’s pledge to end the Public Broadcasting Corporation is a bad idea, and I am afraid that if the Republicans take over the Senate in 2012, and gain control of both houses, Romney as President would be obligated to his right-wing to carry out his campaign promise and the people will lose an important source of information.


Religulous By Bill Maher: Worth Viewing

Bill Maher’s movie Religulous was on last night, and as expected it was funny, but also a serious political commentary on religion.

Maher had a Jewish mother and Catholic father, who sent him to a parochial school, when the church was going through the great questioning and change of the 1960s. Like millions, Bill quit the church, as it failed to answer his basic questions. He is now an Agnostic, who freely admits he has absolutely no idea why he exists.

Religion can be broken down into two groups, the supernatural school, and those who do good things on earth. Maher left alone those who feed the poor, take care of the sick, and educate the illiterate. He instead unleashed his fury on the supernatural.

MARY: Bill mocked the idea Mary was impregnated by a Holy Ghost, and had an Immaculate Conception.

JESUS: He questioned what we know about Jesus, first mentioned in Gospels written hundreds of years after he died, by men who never met him. He reminded us there are no eye-witness accounts of his life. He asked why god’s only son would voluntarily go on a “suicide mission.”

BIBLE: Bill made fun of fictitious or exaggerated Biblical stories, like the tale of Jonah, who lived inside a whale for three days. Creation was also said to be obviously incorrect, since scientists proved the earth is far more than 5,000 years old.

OTHER HOLY BOOKS: The story of Christ, Maher noted, appears to have been plagiarized, as it is oddly the same as Krishna of India, the Persian Mithra, and an Egyptian god.

EVOLUTION Bill asked how anyone could believe the Bible’s account of Creation, since all credible scientists agree man evolved from the ape. Even Pope John Paul accepted evolution.

GOD: If there is a good god: Why would he have allowed the Holocaust? Bill said the notion of a god is as ridiculous as Santa.

PRAYER: Maher challenges those who communicate with an Almighty. The idea Moses talked to god on a mountain through a burning bush is crazy. Many who hear god’s voice just before a homicide are mentally ill. The Lord is not really speaking to them. If you pray for rain, and it happens, it is coincidence, Maher said.

DEVIL: If god is all powerful, why doesn’t he destroy the devil?

HEAVEN/HELL: We don’t know what happens when we die. Why believe in a theory that suggests you may roast in hell?

BELIEFS: Why is faith good? He questioned those certain of their beliefs. People have religion, because they were born into it; they have always had it. Why do they not question the existence of god? Why do they refuse to discuss religion in an intelligent way?

SCIENCE: Bill said religion is not based on science, as it came about during an era when people thought the world was flat. While the scriptures were written between 2,000 BC and 200 AD, modern science has only been around the past 500 years.

FEAR: The movie showed many believed based on nothing more than unfounded fears. Several asked Bill: What if you are wrong? It is this fear of being wrong that keeps them within the flock.

POLITICS: The biggest problem is mixing religion and politics. Maher criticized conservatives who pander to religion in debates, or while campaigning. He worries about preachers who say it’s time for God’s people to vote. He fears those who want a Christian nation, even though Ben Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson had serious doubts about organized religion. Maher laments the fact that non-believers, who constitute 16% of the public, and form a substantial minority, are largely ignored.

10 COMMANDMENTS: Except for “do not steal” and “do not kill,” Maher challenged the usefulness of the 10 Commandments.

GAYS: Bill attacked the treatment of gays in the Old Testament. He doubts a good god, who made them gay in the first place, would hate his own creation. Jesus never spoke of gays at all, he said. There is no reason for Christians to be hostile towards them.

CAUSE OF WAR: The biggest problem is the destruction and death ravaged upon human kind over the years in the name of religion. He concludes religion is an irrational danger, and we need to either grow up, or risk death in another religious war.