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NCAA New Div II “Eastern States-64”

Appendix D for article: “NCAA Div II Needs Five 64-Team Leagues,” posted 3-7-12 at The new Div. II “Eastern States-64” would have five sub-conferences:

(Enrollment, Name, City, Current Conference)

PATRIOT LEAGUE (12 public now Div-I teams/6 states)
Traditional Div. (6 teams/4 states)
9,220–Radford State, Virginia (BS-I)
7,700–William & Mary, Virginia (Col-I)
5,263–NJ Tech State., New Jersey (Gt-W-I)
4,800–Longwood State, Virginia (BS-I/Ind.)
4,487–Army, West Point, NY (P-L-I)
4,400–Navy, Maryland (P-L-I)
Historic Div. (6 teams/4 states)
8,587–NC Central State, Durham (Mid-E-I)
7,226–Morgan State, Maryland (Mid-E-I)
6,993–Norfolk State, Virginia (Mid-E-I)
4,433–Maryland-Eastern Shore (Mid-E-I)
3,801–Choppin State, Maryland (Mid-E-I)
3,609–Delaware State, Delaware (Mid-E-I)

NEW ENGLAND STATES (11 public D-III teams/4 states)
9,254–Salem State, Massachusetts (MASt-III)
9,000–Rhode Island College, RI (L-E-III)
7,261–Mass-Dartmouth, Mass. (L-E-III)
6,156–Framingham State, Mass. (MASt-III)
6,400–Keene State, New Hampshire (L-E-III)
6,001–Western Connecticut State (L-E-III)
5,470–Worcester State, Mass. (MASt-III)
5,264–Plymouth State, New Hampshire (L-E-III)
5,201–Fitchburg State, Mass. (MASt-III)
5,166–Westfield State, Mass. (MASt-III)
5,113–Eastern Connecticut State (L-E-III)

UPSTATE NEW YORK STATE (15 public teams-III)
8,909–Oswego, New York (SUNY-III)
8,275–Brockport, New York (SUNY-III)
8,205–New Paltz, New York (SUNY-III)
7,234–Cortland, New York (SUNY-III)
7,081–Medgar Evers, New York (CUNY-III)
6,800–Farmingdale State, NYC (Sky-L-III)
6,358–Plattsburgh, New York (SUNY-III)
6,000–York, NYC (CUNY-III)
5,893–Oneonta, New York (SUNY-III)
5,585–Geneseo, New York (SUNY-III)
5,573–Fredonia, New York (SUNY-III)
4,325–Potsdam, New York (SUNY-III)
4,052–Purchase College, NY (SUNY-III)
3,896–SUNY-Old Westbury, NY (Sky-L-III)
3,356–SUNY-Morrisville, NY (SUNY-III)

Pennsylvania East Division (7 teams/1 state)
9,512–Bloomsburg State Pennsylvania (PASt-II)
8,427–Millersville State Pennsylvania (PASt-II)
8,253–Shippensburg State, PA (PASt-II)
7,576–East Stroudsburg State, PA (PASt-II)
3,569–Mansfield State, Pennsylvania (PASt-II)
3,400–Penn State-Abington (NEA-III)
3,216–Penn State-Berks (NEA-III)
New Jersey Division (6 teams/1 state)
9,300–Rowan State, New Jersey (NJ-III)
7,450–Richard Stockton State, NJ (NJ-III)
7,300–NJ City State, New Jersey (NJ-III)
6,800–College of New Jersey State (NJ-III)
5,450–Rutgers-Camden, New Jersey (NJ-III)
5,233–Ramapo State, New Jersey (NJ-III)

7,383–Salisbury State, Maryland (Cap-A-III)
7,000–Fairmont State, West Virginia (WV-II)
6,000–Virginia State (Ce-I-II)
6,000–Fayetteville State, NC (Ce-I-II)
6,000–Winston-Salem State, NC (Ce-I-II)
5,600–Bowie State, Maryland (Ce-I-II)
5,471–U of DC (ECC-II)
5,215–Frostburg State, Maryland (Cap-A-III)
5,000–West Virginia State, (WV-II)
4,862–Mary Wash. St, Virginia (Cap-A-III)
4,793–Christopher Newport State, VA (USA-III)
3,900–Shepherd State, West Virginia (WV-II)
3,100–Elizabeth City State, NC (Ce-I-II)

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