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NCAA New Div II “Eastern States-64”

Appendix D for article: “NCAA Div II Needs Five 64-Team Leagues,” posted 3-7-12 at The new Div. II “Eastern States-64” would have five sub-conferences:

(Enrollment, Name, City, Current Conference)

PATRIOT LEAGUE (12 public now Div-I teams/6 states)
Traditional Div. (6 teams/4 states)
9,220–Radford State, Virginia (BS-I)
7,700–William & Mary, Virginia (Col-I)
5,263–NJ Tech State., New Jersey (Gt-W-I)
4,800–Longwood State, Virginia (BS-I/Ind.)
4,487–Army, West Point, NY (P-L-I)
4,400–Navy, Maryland (P-L-I)
Historic Div. (6 teams/4 states)
8,587–NC Central State, Durham (Mid-E-I)
7,226–Morgan State, Maryland (Mid-E-I)
6,993–Norfolk State, Virginia (Mid-E-I)
4,433–Maryland-Eastern Shore (Mid-E-I)
3,801–Choppin State, Maryland (Mid-E-I)
3,609–Delaware State, Delaware (Mid-E-I)

NEW ENGLAND STATES (11 public D-III teams/4 states)
9,254–Salem State, Massachusetts (MASt-III)
9,000–Rhode Island College, RI (L-E-III)
7,261–Mass-Dartmouth, Mass. (L-E-III)
6,156–Framingham State, Mass. (MASt-III)
6,400–Keene State, New Hampshire (L-E-III)
6,001–Western Connecticut State (L-E-III)
5,470–Worcester State, Mass. (MASt-III)
5,264–Plymouth State, New Hampshire (L-E-III)
5,201–Fitchburg State, Mass. (MASt-III)
5,166–Westfield State, Mass. (MASt-III)
5,113–Eastern Connecticut State (L-E-III)

UPSTATE NEW YORK STATE (15 public teams-III)
8,909–Oswego, New York (SUNY-III)
8,275–Brockport, New York (SUNY-III)
8,205–New Paltz, New York (SUNY-III)
7,234–Cortland, New York (SUNY-III)
7,081–Medgar Evers, New York (CUNY-III)
6,800–Farmingdale State, NYC (Sky-L-III)
6,358–Plattsburgh, New York (SUNY-III)
6,000–York, NYC (CUNY-III)
5,893–Oneonta, New York (SUNY-III)
5,585–Geneseo, New York (SUNY-III)
5,573–Fredonia, New York (SUNY-III)
4,325–Potsdam, New York (SUNY-III)
4,052–Purchase College, NY (SUNY-III)
3,896–SUNY-Old Westbury, NY (Sky-L-III)
3,356–SUNY-Morrisville, NY (SUNY-III)

Pennsylvania East Division (7 teams/1 state)
9,512–Bloomsburg State Pennsylvania (PASt-II)
8,427–Millersville State Pennsylvania (PASt-II)
8,253–Shippensburg State, PA (PASt-II)
7,576–East Stroudsburg State, PA (PASt-II)
3,569–Mansfield State, Pennsylvania (PASt-II)
3,400–Penn State-Abington (NEA-III)
3,216–Penn State-Berks (NEA-III)
New Jersey Division (6 teams/1 state)
9,300–Rowan State, New Jersey (NJ-III)
7,450–Richard Stockton State, NJ (NJ-III)
7,300–NJ City State, New Jersey (NJ-III)
6,800–College of New Jersey State (NJ-III)
5,450–Rutgers-Camden, New Jersey (NJ-III)
5,233–Ramapo State, New Jersey (NJ-III)

7,383–Salisbury State, Maryland (Cap-A-III)
7,000–Fairmont State, West Virginia (WV-II)
6,000–Virginia State (Ce-I-II)
6,000–Fayetteville State, NC (Ce-I-II)
6,000–Winston-Salem State, NC (Ce-I-II)
5,600–Bowie State, Maryland (Ce-I-II)
5,471–U of DC (ECC-II)
5,215–Frostburg State, Maryland (Cap-A-III)
5,000–West Virginia State, (WV-II)
4,862–Mary Wash. St, Virginia (Cap-A-III)
4,793–Christopher Newport State, VA (USA-III)
3,900–Shepherd State, West Virginia (WV-II)
3,100–Elizabeth City State, NC (Ce-I-II)

For Div I see: homepage (Categories: NCAA Conferences): 1) NCAA Needs 5 Leagues of 64 Teams Each, (3-1-12); 2) “NCAA: New Div I “Pacific-64” (3-2-12); 3) NCAA: New Div I “Southwest-64” (3-3-12); 4) “NCAA: New Div I “Great Lakes-64” (3-4-12); 5) NCAA: New Div I “Southeast-64” (3-5-12); 6) NCAA: New Div I “Northeast-64” (3-6-12).

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NCAA: New Div I “Northeast-64”

Appendix E for article: “NCAA Needs 5 Leagues of 64 Teams Each,” posted on March 1, 2012 at The new Div. I “Northeast-64” would have six sub-conferences:

(Enrollment, Name, City, Current Conference)

BIG EAST COLLEGIANS (10 big private schools)
23,000–Northeastern–Boston, Massachusetts (Col)
20,407–Syracuse, New York (ACC)
14,900–St. John’s–Queens, New York (Big E)
14,600–Fordham—Bronx, New York (Atl.-10)
13,000–Hofstra–Hempstead, New York (Col)
24,000–Long Island–Brooklyn, New York (NE)
9,745–Seton Hall–South Orange, NJ (Big-E)
12,100–Farleigh Dickinson-Teaneck, NJ (NE)
10,482–Villanova–Philadelphia, PA (Big-E)
17,000–Drexel—Philadelphia, PA (Col)

BIG EAST SCHOLARS (10 big private schools)
20,699–Harvard—Cambridge, Massachusetts (Ivy)
11,666–Yale–New Haven, Connecticut (Ivy)
20,633–Cornell–Ithaca, New York (Ivy)
22,920–Columbia–New York City (Ivy)
20,643–Pennsylvania–Philadelphia (Ivy)
14,600–Boston College, Massachusetts (ACC)
31,000–Boston University, Massachusetts (Am-E)
10,200–MIT–Cambridge, Mass. (New/EFC-III)
42,189–New York University, NYC (UAA-III)
10,875–Carnegie Mellon—Pittsburgh, PA (UAA-III)
(Ivy schools also play Princeton, Dartmouth, Brown)

ACC–NORTHEAST (11 public schools/11 states)
11,000–Maine–Orono (Am-E)
11,054–Vermont–Burlington (Am-E)
14,219–New Hampshire—Durham (Am-E)
26,000–Massachusetts–Amherst (Atl-10)
15,984–Rhode Island–Kingston (Atl-10)
20,000–Connecticut–Hartford (Big-E)
18,202–Albany, New York (Am-E)
28,993–Rutgers–New Brunswick, NJ (Big-E)
35,000–Temple-Philadelphia, PA (Atl.-10)
19,499–Delaware–Newark (Col)
37,600–Maryland–College Park (ACC)

NORTHEAST COLONISTS (10 teams/5 states)
10,900–Southern Maine–Gorham (LE-III)
13,400–Massachusetts–Boston (LE-III)
15,000–Massachusetts–Lowell (NE-10-II)
10,400–Bridgewater State, Mass. (MASAC-III)
16,000–Suffolk, Boston, Mass. (GrNE-III)
16,000–Johnson & Wales–Rhode Island (GrNE-III)
12,000–Central Connecticut State-New Britain (NE)
12,000–S. Connecticut St.–New Haven (NE-10-II)
11,224–SUNY Buffalo, New York (SUNY-III)
14,224–Rochester Tech- New York (Lib-III)

NORTHEAST AMERICANS (12 teams/5 states)
28,000–New York at Buffalo (Mid-Am)
14,898–Binghamton, New York (Am-E)
24.598–Stony Brook, New York (Am-E)
16,600–Montclair State, New Jersey (NJAC-III)
10,900–Paterson State–New Jersey (NJAC-III)
15,000–Kean, Union, New Jersey (NJAC-III)
10,500–Rutgers-Newark, New Jersey (NJ-III)
14,000–West Chester State, Pennsylvania (PASt-II)
14,000–Indiana State of Pennsylvania (PASt.-II)
10-600–Kutztown State, Pennsylvania (PASt.-II)
12,668–Maryland–Baltimore (Am-E)
11,500–Wilmington–Delaware (CAtl.-II)

NORTHEAST IMMIGRANTS (11 teams/1 state)
17,000–Queens–Flushing, New York (ECC-II)
10,565–Mercy–Dobbs Ferry, New York (ECC-II)
12,700–NY Tech–Old Westbury (ECC-II)
15,000–Baruch–Manhattan, New York (CUNY-III)
15,000–Brooklyn, New York (CUNY-III)
11,000–Staten Island, New York (CUNY-III)
21,000–Hunter, New York (CUNY-III)
12,000–NYC Tech–Brooklyn (CUNY-III)
13,000–City Coll.–Manhattan, NY (CUNY-III)
14,000–John Jay-Manhattan, NY (CUNY-III)
10,615–Lehman, New York City (CUNY-III)