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NCAA New Div III “New England-64”

Appendix E for article: “NCAA Div III Needs Five 64-Team Leagues,” posted on March 13, 2012 at The new Div. III “New England-64” would have six sub-conferences:

(Enrollment, Name, City, Current Conference)

SCHOLARS OF NEW ENGLAND (10 teams/3 states)
2,817–Holy Cross, Massachusetts (P-L-I) mc
2,300–Wellesley, Mass (NEWM-III) mc
2,600–Smith, Massachusetts (NEWM-III) hc
2,482–Middlebury, Vermont (NESCA-III) mc
2,124–Williams, Mass. (NESCA-III) mc
2,100–Mt. Holyoke, Mass. (NEWM-III) hc
1,838–Colby, Maine (NESCA-III) mc
1,777–Bowdoin, Maine (NESCA-III) mc
1,744–Amherst, Mass. (NESCA-III) mc
1,738–Bates, Maine (NESCA-III) mc

SCHOLARS OF NEW YORK–CT (10 teams/2 states)
2,837–Colgate, New York (P-L-I) mc
2,766–Wesleyan, Conn. (NESCA-III) mc
2,734–Skidmore, New York (Lib-III) hc
2,446–Vassar, New York (Lib-III) mc
2,341–Trinity, Connecticut (NESCA-III) hc
2,327–St. Lawrence, New York (Lib-III) hc
2,197–Union, New York (Lib-III) hc
1,958–Bard, New York (Lib-III) hc
1,911–Connecticut College (NESCA-III) hc
1,882–Hamilton, New York (NESCA-III) mc

2,600–Gettysburg, Penn. (CentC-III) hc
2,500–Grove City, Pennsylvania (Pres-III) hc
2,457–Muhlenberg, Penn. (CentC-III) hc
2,382–La Fayette, Pennsylvania (P-L-I) mc
2,381–Dickinson, Penn. (CentC-III) mc
2,104–Franklin-Marshall, Penn (CentC-III) hc
2,100–Allegheny, Pennsylvania (NCA-III) vc
1,890–Bryn Mawr, Penn. (CentC-III) mc
1,525–Swarthmore, Penn. (CentC-III) mc
1,519–Washington & Jeff, Penn. (Pres-III) hc

2,753–Assumption, Massachusetts (NE-10-II)
2,686–Salve Regina, Rhode Island (CCC-III)
2,437–St. Michael’s, Vermont (NE-10-II)
2,386–Stonehill, Massachusetts (NE-10-II)
2,350–Emmanuel, Massachusetts (Gt-NE-III)
2,300–Rivier, New Hampshire (Gt-NE-III)
2,251–Merrimack, Massachusetts (NE-10-II)
1,945–St. Anselm, New Hampshire (NE-10-II)

NEW ENGLAND ATHLETIC (13 private teams)
New England Division (6 teams/4 states)
3,000–Norwich, Vermont (Gt-NE-III)
2,879–U of New England, Maine (CCC-III)
2,871–Franklin Pierce, New H. (NE-10-II)
2,600–Husson, Maine (ECF-III/NAtl.-III)
2,200–Norwich, Vermont (ECF-III)
1,769–Albertus Magnus, Conn. (Gt-NE-III)
Massachusetts Division (7 teams/1 state)
3,020–Western New England, MA (CCC-III)
2,780–Clark, Massachusetts (NEWM-III)
2,079–Becker, Mass. (ECF-III/NEC-III)
1,951–Nichols, Massachusetts (CCC-III)
1,645–Gordon, Massachusetts (CCC-III)
1,550–Wheaton, Massachusetts (NEWM-III)
1,501–Bay Path, Massachusetts (NEC-III)

NEW YORK ATHLETIC (13 private teams/1 state)
3,100–Nyack, New York City (C-Atl.-II)
3,017–Yeshiva, New York (Sky-L-III)
2,900–D’Youville, New York (A-Mt-III)
2,848–Clarkson, New York (Lib-III)
2,700–Mt. St Mary, New York (Sky-L-III)
2,695–Manhattanville, NY (Mid-A-F-III)
2,500–St. John Fisher, New York (Emp.-III)
2,431–Concordia, New York (C-At-II)
2,310–Utica, New York (Emp.-III)
2,275–Wagner, New York City (NE-I)
2,200–Sage Cottages, NY (E) (Sky-L-III)
2,055–Alfred, New York (Emp.-III)
1,521–Keuka, New York (NEA-III)

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