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NCAA New Div III “New South-64”

Appendix C for article: “NCAA Div III Needs Five 64-Team Leagues,” posted on March 13, 2012 at The new Div. III “New South-64” would have six sub-conferences:

(Enrollment, Name, City, Current Conference)

SCHOLARS OF THE SOUTH (11 teams/7 states)
2,682–Guilford, North Carolina (Old-D-III) vc
2,200–Wash & Lee, Virginia (Old-D-III) mc
2,100–North Greenville Baptist, SC (C-Car-II)
1,756–Davidson, North Carolina (SO-I) mc
1,690–Rhodes, Tennessee (SoColl-III) hc
1,600–Birmingham South, AL (SoColl-III)
1,500–Virginia Military (BS-I) vc
1,495–Wolford, South Carolina (SO-I) vc
1,383–Sewanee U South, TN (SoColl-III) hc
1,282–Covenant, Georgia (GtSA-III)
1,215–Centre, Kentucky (SoColl-III) hc

SOUTHERN STATES (10 public teams/6 states & DC)
3,033–Georgia Southwest State (P-B-II)
3,000–U Montevallo State, Alabama (P-B-II)
3,000–Lander State, South Carolina (P-B-II)
3,000–Concord State, West Virginia (WV-II)
2,606–Kentucky State. Frankfurt (S-I-II) mc
2,500–Mississippi Valley State (SWA-I) mc
2,400–West Liberty State, WV (WV-II)
1,800–Bluefield State, West Virginia (WV-II)
1,740–Gallaudet, Wash. DC (NEA-III/ECF-III)
1,600–Glenville State, West Virginia (WV-II)

OLD VIRGINIAN (10 private teams/1 state)
2,719–Averett, Virginia (USA-S-III)
2,500–Lynchburg, Virginia (Old-D-III)
2,242–Mary Baldwin, Virginia (USA-S-III)
2,100–Roanoke, Virginia (Old-D-III)
1,700–Virginia Union (Cent-I-II)
1,690–Bridgewater, Virginia (Old-D-III)
1,606–Shenandoah, Virginia (USA-S-III)
1,446–Virginia Wesleyan (Old-D-III)
1,146–Randolph-Macon, Virginia (Old-D-III)
1,120–Hampden-Sydney, Virginia (Old-D-III)

NORTH CAROLINIAN (11 private teams/1 state)
2,800–Shaw, North Carolina (Cent-I-II)
2,500–Mt Olive, North Carolina (C-Car-II)
2,300–Wingate, North Carolina (S-At-II)
2,215–Methodist, North Carolina (USA-S-III)
2,100–Queens, North Carolina (C-Car-II)
1,990–Meredith, North Carolina (USA-S-III)
1,800–Lenoir, North Carolina (S-At-II)
1,500–St. Augustine, NC (Cent-I-II)
1,500–Johnson C. Smith, NC (Cent-I-II)
1,320–Belmont, North Carolina (C-Car-II)
1,300–Mars Hill, North Carolina (S-At-II)

SOUTHERN APPALACHIAN (10 teams/3 states)
3,000–Lipscomb, Tennessee (Atl.-Sun-I)
2,579–Lincoln Memorial, Tennessee (S-At-II)
2,115–Carson, Tennessee (S-At-II)
2,053–Tusculum, Tennessee (S-At-II)
2,000–Lane, Tennessee (S-I-II)
1,900–Thomas More, Kentucky (Path-III)
1,800–King, Tennessee (C-Car-II)
1,720–Christian Bros, Tennessee (G-S-II)
1,692–Spalding, Kentucky (SLI-III)
1,400–West Virginia Wesleyan (WV-II)

SOUTHERN COLLEGIAN (12 teams/4 states)
3,000–Tuskegee, Alabama (S-I-II)
3,000–Morehouse, Georgia (S-I-II)
2,500–Benedict, South Carolina (S-I-II)
2,379–Anderson, South Carolina (S-At-II)
2,318–Spelman, Georgia (GtSA-III)
2,200–Stetson, Florida (A-Sun-I)
2,046–Flagler, Florida (P-B-II)
2,000–Piedmont, Georgia (GtSA-III)
1,900–Miles, Alabama (S-I-II)
1,800–Claflin, South Carolina (S-I-II)
1,500–Stillman, Alabama (S-I-II)
1,300–Presbyterian, South Carolina (BS-I)

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