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Airport Security: There’s Only One Class

This past weekend I flew out to California for a wedding, and on the way home, I was troubled at the Orange County Airport, as I observed two separate lines for Airport Security, one for First Class passengers, and another for everyone else.

While the airlines have the right to provide larger seats and better service for those willing to pay more for their tickets, the U.S. Government, which pays the Transportation Security Agency (TSA), has no right to discriminate against ordinary passengers in favor of rich ones. The inconvenience of going through Airport Security has absolutely nothing to do with the price of the ticket purchased from one of the private carriers.

While I am sure First Class passengers have demanded better and more preferential treatment, the U.S. government should ignore their hollow and baseless complaints and should treat them like everyone else.

It would be like exempting the rich from food or gas rationing during WWII. Every American citizen had to go through the same rationing during that war.

The problem is Big Government is in bed with Big Business and the rich so often they forget average citizens have the same rights, privileges, and obligations as rich people.

Since when did 911 mean that the rich get to cut in line in front of the rest of us ordinary people? The wealthy should be required to suffer the identical inconveniences and hassles all the rest of the public must endure.

Whoever in the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) or in Congress created or allowed the establishment of separate security lines based on wealth should lose their job. There is only one class when it comes to going through airport security and we are all a part of it.